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SUMMER 2005 - 2006

2005 Bronze Seminar: Introduction to the Conservation of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture
New York City (in English)

Dates: August 1-5, 2005 (Module 1); August 8-12, 2005 (Module 2)
Registration: For Module 1 (Lectures and sculpture tours) open until July 29, 2005; For Module 2 (Applied field exercise), open until July 1, 2005.

2006 Bronze Seminar: Introduction to the Conservation of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture
Argentina and Peru (in Spanish)


Seminar Description

This seminar has been an annual New York Conservation Foundation project since 1998, after being conducted in 1994, 1995, and 1996 under other auspices. Approximately 100 conservators, conservation scientists, conservation students, curators, foundry artisans, artists and art handlers from across North America and around the world have participated in the annual seminar.

The expert-led "Bronze Seminar" introduces conservation professionals and students to basic contemporary and historic elements of aesthetic, technical, logistical and administrative practice for conserving outdoor bronze sculpture. We teach assessment and documentation of structure and condition, practical maintenance, and minor restoration. field exercises begin with walking tours to recognise outdoor bronzes' condition and treatment, and proceed to hands-on care of outdoor monuments. Since 1994 our instructors have helped registrants understand bronze monuments and their care in practical terms of history, aesthetics, art and foundry practice, metallurgical and environmental science, economics and administration.


 This seminar addresses closely related needs:

  • First, those wishing to become or supervise caretakers for outdoor bronze sculpture need focused and specific expert introductions to current knowledge, theory and methods, oriented to the ethics and practices of the modern conservation profession.
  • Second, participants in the care of outdoor bronze sculpture need access to useful resources including expert mentors, literature, technology and supply.

Seminar Format

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The bronze seminar includes five half-days of classroom activities and fifteen half-days of field exercises, during two, five-day weeks. The first, open enrollment week is very useful in itself, and is a prerequisite for the second week limited to fewer registrants. Critical for the seminar's success are our expert instructors.

The first week integrates classroom lectures and discussions with walking field tours through urban settings rich in outdoor bronze sculpture and ends with a survey assessment exercise. A book of current lecture outlines and a packet of study materials is distributed to each registrant. Some participants attend only the first week.

The second week comprises an enjoyable and physically active field project maintaining aesthetically and historically interesting outdoor sculpture. Project documentation is drafted during this limited enrollment exercise.

During the first week, we meet at the the seminar table for power point and 35 mm slide talks, using images from the surveys and practices of instructors and colleagues. Art history and conservation science help place bronze monuments and their care in contexts of style, significance, and physical environment. Using plain language and excellent images, experienced conservators John Scott and Tom Chase describe bronze the material, historical and contemporary foundry practices for bronze sculpture, diversity of bronze alloys, structures and finishes, environmental factors and deterioration, commonly observed conditions, and past and current restoration and maintenance practices. Also, seminar registrants bring and present short, informal illustrated discussions of outdoor bronze sculpture, conditions and care. Seminar discussion is led along a balanced path to convey the diversity of situations and conservation approaches. There is also very focused discussion of professional and business practices, including marketing, insurance, publicly and privately contracted projects, human resources, sources of supply, and relevant US and international agencies and institutions.

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Seminar leaders share historical and technical connoisseurship, and help participants to observe, recognize, evaluate the condition, maintenance, and future conservation needs of outdoor sculptures.

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How to Apply

We welcome your interest in our 2005 - 2006 Summer Bronze Seminars.


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Photos by John Scott, NYCF, Joanna Barr, Artlab Australia, or Caren Dissinger.